About Me

I am an experienced 3D Artist, with a focus in Architecture Visualization. My passion lies in the creation of realistic 3D renderings with the overall goal of bridging the gap between CAD (AutoCAD) and Client. I have over 4 years of industry 3D experience, with 2 years being directly related to Architecture.

Why Architecture Visualization?

I chose to pursue Architecture Visualization as a career path because of my deep passion for architecture itself. I have always been captivated by the intricacies and elegance of various structures, and I wanted to find a way to showcase their beauty in a visually compelling manner. However, what truly drew me to Architecture Visualization was the opportunity to help others see and appreciate the overall vision of a project. Being able to create realistic and immersive visual representations of architectural designs allows me to bridge the gap between the architect's vision and the client's understanding; a phrase I've coined as "CAD to Client." It is an incredibly rewarding experience to witness the excitement and appreciation of a client as they grasp the potential of a space through the power of visualization. Ultimately, my love for architecture and the joy I derive from sharing its beauty with others make Architecture Visualization a perfect fit for me.

Why Texas A&M University?

Despite my strong personal connection to being a Texas Longhorn due to growing up in Austin, Texas and having parents who are University of Texas graduates, it might come as a surprise that I ultimately chose to attend Texas A&M University. However, my choice of school was driven by a compelling reason. Texas A&M's esteemed Visualization program has garnered a reputation as one of the nation's finest, and I was determined in my desire to be part of a program that would challenge and enhance my skills as a 3D artist. Driven by the prospect of an exciting curriculum and a diverse learning environment, I attended Texas A&M with the goal of enhancing my skills and excelling in the field of visualization, with a particular focus on architectural visualization.