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Northern Virginia Science Center

This project revolved around the Northern Virginia Science Center, with a primary emphasis on three key elements. Firstly, the project demanded the utilization of Unreal Engine and Lumion to create a visually stunning and immersive experiences for viewers. The dynamic capabilities of Unreal Engine enabled the creation of realistic environments and dynamic exhibits, fostering a sense of realism and engagement.

Secondly, the project prioritized the accurate representation of the interior spaces within the Northern Virginia Science Center, based on detailed information received from the client. Meticulous attention was given to exhibit details, materials, and spatial layout to ensure a faithful depiction of the center's unique design. The goal was to showcase the functionality and innovative features of the interior spaces, capturing the essence of the Science Center's purpose and vision.

Lastly, the project aimed to create a sense of excitement and anticipation surrounding the Northern Virginia Science Center. Through captivating visuals, the project sought to evoke a feeling of wonder and curiosity, generating enthusiasm for the center's development and eventual opening.